Clarence Bekker. Finding a way to oneself in Barcelona melodies

Clarence Bekker’s life has as many twists and turns as those of his vocal pirouettes and choreographies. The story of this Jamboree’s resident musician, who every Thursday transforms this jazz night club into a true celebration of music, well deserves an in-depth interview. Video Production: […]

An example of business-culture feedback: Sorigué and contemporary art

Sorigué Foundation promotes various programs to make effective a “return to society”. An idea that is not merely chimerical, but as real as the works Sorigué develops in its different companies, betting on sustainability and a better use of natural resources. Ana Vallés, president of […]

The Sagrada Familia and the organ of Juan de la Rubia

Our most iconic monument, the most Barcelonian and universal, lived from within thanks to Juan de la Rubia: colours vibrate through stained-glass windows, animated by the reverberation of sound waves that are generously lavished. The official organist of the Sagrada Familia reveals, in addition, some […]

Mixtur Fest, the art of experimentation

Creativity and research are the backbone of many activities, many of which are pedagogical: masterclasses, personalized tutorials with young artists and concerts featuring some of the most advanced groups in music research, which also premier works of its students. Video production: The New Barcelona Post […]

Roger Mas: “20 years ago I would have sold my soul for a good song”

Roger Mas is returning to the world of poets, which he is so familiar with, by adapting texts by Maragall, Miquel Martí i Pol, Eulàlia d’Anzizu, Toni Gol i Roca and Amadeu Vidal i Bonafont Video production: Morrosko Vila-San-Juan Interview: Mònica Mombiela Photography: Albert Murillo […]