Miquel Alzueta: art as a way of life

Miquel Alzueta (Barcelona, 1956) is a touchstone in the world of contemporary art. His galleries, in Carrer de Séneca in Barcelona, and in the village of Palau de Casavells in the Empordà region of Catalonia, where we had the interview, are a symbol of contemporaneity, […]

Canada: from struggling for survival to working with Rosalía

The Barcelona-based production company Canada has been successful for ten years and has become a highly sought-after brand internationally. Thanks to their very personal and multi-award video-clips, they have managed to work for artists such as Scissor Sisters, Phoenix, Beck or Tame Impala, as well […]

Gonzalo Goytisolo: the noble art of portrait

Gonzalo Goytisolo thinks of himself as an art mercenary. “In the world of contemporary creation, where the trend is constant renovation, I devote myself to the most backward of the current genres, the portrait on request”. But his portraits of businessmen, politicians and middle-class families […]

Julio Manrique and T de Teatre: a comedy about pain

This fall, Julio Manrique will be directing T de Teatre, one of the longest-running companies in the Catalan scene, which celebrates its 25 years in the best possible way for a theatre company: performing. E.V.A. is a dramatic comedy about four former classmates, a true […]

Jaume Tresserra: Furniture for dreaming

The interest of Jaume Tresserra in fine materials, handmade traditional processes, flawless finishes and emotional and sophisticated design has turned him into a classic. He has always avoided fashion and transience. His pieces of furniture are unique, last for a lifetime and go down from […]