Jordi Herreruela: Festival Cruïlla 2018

Jordi Herreruela has seen the festival grow from its first, humble years in Mataró to its powerful place on the scene in Barcelona today. Video Production: Morrosko Vila-San-Juan Read the full article on The New Barcelona Post  

Carles Bosch, always from the ground up

The documentary genre is going through a time of clear expansion. However, very few privileged ones can afford to dedicate to this task exclusively, as it “gives prestige, not money”, complains Carles Bosch, on his recent release, Petitet, at the DocsBarcelona Fest. He feels more […]

Llucia Ramis. Generational chronicle

Llucia Ramis (Palma 1977) has just been awarded the Anagrama Award of Novel for Les Possessions, a “ghost story” in which, like in her three previous novels, Ramis flirts with the genre of generational and autobiographical chronicle while describing her obsessions, her geography (Majorca-Barcelona) and […]

Entrevista al Dr. Martí Boada

Dr Martí Boada returned to Catalonia just a few weeks ago, after acting as an advisor to the latest Unesco Assembly held in November and December 2017: “Representatives from more than 140 countries at the Assembly all agreed that the only serious solution to the […]